Welcome back, lonely self~

Look who finally came around after a long time~

Me. And my demons, it seems.

As I browsed through my previous posts, I realized I only come here when I am filled with negativity brimming over the surface, about to spill out, or maybe already spilling over, yet never runs out.

These past days, with no one to talk to without guilt that I’ll eventually wear them down, I thought I should write in my journal. But how do I write without tiring my hands and falling asleep? Just thinking about writing and trying to keep my jumbled thoughts organized on paper exhausts me. The bed right near my desk always wins over my journal.

So I thought, oh, what about an online diary?
And I realized I do have one… that I no longer visit.

So here I am.


With my inner demons in tow.

Welcome me back~


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