Is it too late?

I had planned it.

But, without noticing the passing of days, it is already the twelfth of January.

Is it too late to start a diary?

I try to remember the days in between today and the first of January, my mind draws a blank… My memory, I realized, is like a hazy painting diluted with too much water.

But who would care, aside from me, if I leave some days blank? No one.

Made my own 3-year diary.

A diary filled of one’s thoughts for three years, ain’t it a wonderful idea? One will be able to read how similar or contrasting your mindset may have been the year before.

I did prefer a 5-year diary but the pretty journal I bought is too small for it.

I found this idea from Sharmeleon’s vlog when she showed the 5-year diary she has.

Here’s to hoping I can keep the habit…

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